Why Do Some People Handle Alcohol Better Than Others?
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Why Do Some People Handle Alcohol Better Than Others?

Learn why some people handle the same amount of alcohol better than others.

Some People Handle Alcohol Better Than Others

There isn't one reason why some people handle alcohol better than others, there are many reasons, and it's also a matter of opinion as to which person would be considered to be the most affected, or acting stupid.

If one person drinks a little every day, they will be able to drink a lot more than another person who doesn't drink regularly.

If one person smokes, they may be more affected than another person who doesn't, and the same is definitely true for any prescription or illegal drugs they might have taken.

There are other things that may cause a person to act stupid, such as their general personality, their childhood, the social setting, whether they ate a good lunch, or drank enough water.

There are so many different factors that anyone can be forgiven for acting stupid once in a while, but what do you do when someone who can't handle alcohol keeps drinking every weekend, always loses it, and you have to watch?

When People Who Can't Handle Alcohol Keep Drinking

When people who can't handle alcohol keep drinking, and making a complete fool of themselves, you don't have to watch, and often if you leave, they won't get the attention they are craving, and they may calm down a bit.

It's worth talking to them when they are sober about slowing down, not acting like an idiot, and possibly going to rehab, although you may find that they have an attitude problem even when they aren't drunk, and alcohol just amplifies it.

When you have tried everything up to seeking professional help, it may be best not to stay in the lives of these people at all, or at least not when they've been drinking.

Some people handle alcohol better than others, and for those who handle it badly, alcoholism or binge drinking can be as much of a serious problem as any other type of drug problem.

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Excellent and very informative article........thanks Rowan for sharing

good piece here.. well done..

Nice job on this article.

great article!

Outstanding work.

I found it fascinating that there is science behind the fact that men can handle their drink better than woman... so you'll always drink us under the table - shucks. Great work.