Myths And Facts About Hangover
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Myths And Facts About Hangover

The experience of unpleasant physiological effects such as thirst, diarrhea, nausea, headache, lethargy, dysphoria, noise, and sensitivity to light are the common characteristics of a hangover.

The experience of unpleasant physiological effects such as thirst, diarrhea, nausea, headache, lethargy, dysphoria, noise, and sensitivity to light are the common characteristics of a hangover.

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There are many myths and supposed cures for hangover. Let’s get to know what really works.

Myth: Hangovers Are No Big Deal

Fact: It’s the body’s natural reaction when poisoned with too much alcohol. Heavy drinking affects the central nervous system which triggers brain chemicals that sends you running to the bathroom because of nausea, dizziness and headache. In the morning, the after effects include a queasy stomach, cotton mouth, fatigue and pounding headache that weaken the immune system.

Myth: Hangovers Are Gender-Blind

Fact: Women are more likely to experience the effects of alcohol than men. If women would consume the same amount of alcohol as that with men, it will build up in their bloodstream. But with men, they have a higher percentage of water in their bodies, and this helps dilute the alcohol they consume that’s why women experience hangovers more often than men.

Myth: Only Bingers Get Hangovers

Fact: Binge drinking would surely leave you with a hangover so, drink any non-alcoholic drink or water between each beer or hard drink to dilute the amount of alcohol in your system and to keep it hydrated.

Myth: Wine is the Gentlest Choice

Fact: Wine contains compounds that trigger headaches in some people. Whiskey and malt liquors tend to give you more severe hangovers. The gentlest choice is clear liquors such as gin, vodka and even beer.

Myth: Cocktails Are a Safe Bet

Fact: It is if you’re counting calories but not with a hangover. It can only decrease the intensity, but you’ll still get a hangover.

Myth: Liquor before Beer

Fact: It’s not in the order of your drinks rather, it is in the amount of alcohol you consume.

Myth: Eat Pasta before Bed

Fact: If you’re drunk, eating pasta before bedtime wouldn’t help. It will only slow down the absorption of alcohol in the body. Have a full meal first before drinking and you might just escape a hangover; and drink water before going to bed to keep your body hydrated.

Myth: Pop Pain Pills before Going to Bed

Fact: The effects of painkillers only lasts for 4 hours, and when you wake up in the morning it’s gone. It’s better to take the pills when you wake up in the morning.

Myth: Alcohol Helps You Sleep Well

Fact: It actually disrupts sleep and you tend to wake up soon. Hangovers  might strike in the middle of the night making it hard for you to get back to sleep.

Myth: A Wake-Up Cocktail Is the Cure

Fact: Consuming more alcohol in the morning will just postpone your hangover, and what’s worse is your blood alcohol levels may drop to zero, giving you the worst symptoms of a hangover.

Myth: Coffee Is the Cure

Fact: Coffee could make your hangover worse and it leads to more dehydration. Avoid anything with caffeine and instead drink water or sports drink to counter dehydration.

Myth: Herbal Remedies Can Help

Fact: There is no evidence of any effective treatment.

To avoid hangovers it’s best to drink in moderation and not too much. Alcohol poisoning is a serious condition, an emergency case, and is potentially deadly. Do not mistake it for hangover when you see someone vomit multiple times or pass out after drinking heavily. Better rush him or her to the nearest hospital.

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Very interesting and informative write-up.

Nice share!

A very well-written Myth versus Fact article. It certainly blows some common beliefs right out of the alcohol bath, so to speak.

good article I am out of votes so I liked it

i hate hangover that's why i always stay drunk..hahahaha

After over thirty years of studying the hangover I now have the definitive remedy. Drink large amounts of water before you sleep, at least 2 pints, and take one advil or similar. I guarantee your hangover won't be nearly as bad in the morning.

Well done writing Alma.

wonderful share. there is one cure for a hangover-dont drink at all.

Nice article. I voted this one. Hope you support my articles too.

I loved this article. Truthful & honext. Thanks.

Thank you Alma for friendship and support. I voted this interesting article.

I have the ultimate remedy for the hangover-"dont overdo the drinking". Thank you for your interesting article.