Is It Safe To Take Alcohol Rectally?
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Is It Safe To Take Alcohol Rectally?

The question is, can you get away with drinking alcohol from the wrong hole, or will it have damaging effects? I saw two stories on TV about this in the last month or so. People are actually trying to get drunk faster by drinking alcohol through their bottoms. Good fun, I'm sure.

This seems like a strange question to ask, but I've actually seen this mentioned a couple of times recently on TV. Kids are trying to save money or get drunk faster by soaking tampons in vodka, and sticking them up their butt. 

The reason why this works is that the anus has many blood vessels which soak up substances quickly, directly into the blood stream, and it bypasses the liver and kidneys, which usually filter a lot of the alcohol out. 

Apparently it works almost ten times more efficiently for getting you drunk off the same amount of alcohol. I'm not going to bother trying to answer the quesion of whether this is safe or not, because it's clearly a prepostorous thing to do, but I will tell you about another TV show I saw recently. 

It was called 1,000 Ways To Die, and it talked about a man who was a chronic alcoholic and had a medical condition which meant that he could no longer drink alcohol the normal way. 

I think it was a stomach ulcer, or something like that. Anyway, he filled a enema bottle with alcohol, and got his wife to pump it into him. 

It didn't take long until he was drunk as a skunk, and he had such bad alcohol poisoning that he probably couldn't have been saved even if he had gone to hospital straight away.

Taking Alcohol Rectally 

The moral of the story is that it's probably not safe to drink alcohol through your bum hole, or pour it in your ear, or anything else like that. 

If you want to get drunk, simply buy a cheap box of wine, and drink it like any wino on the street would do. You don't see them with enema bags, although perhaps it could be a new trend. You never know. 

Seriously though, alcohol kills more people than anything else in the world. That includes smoking, illegal drugs, prescription drugs, cancer, war, suicide, car accidents, terrorist attacks, you name it. 

A little alcohol can be alright if consumed in moderation, but it's not all that hard to get really drunk, if that's what you want to do, and usually once you get there, you'll realize you really didn't want to get that drunk anyway.

I would suggest that alcohol is not something to be taken lightly, it's a good thing, but not at all a safe thing when abused, and if you really want to save money on alcohol, learn how to brew your own beer. 

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