How To Be A Responsible Drinker
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How To Be A Responsible Drinker

Do you want to know how to be a responsible drinker? Here are ways that you can have fun, but you can still take care of yourself.

No matter how drunk you become you are still responsible for your actions. I know how it feels to be around people that drink. I grew up around friends who were the true definition of responsible drinkers. They were never out of control alcoholics. Whenever they came to a party, the music was flowing and the alcohol was pouring. Throughout the years, I’ve had to help them throw up in the toilet, make coffee for them after a hangover, flip them upside down to jokingly make it worse, but the point I am trying to make is that I been around drunk people.

While hanging out with them I happen to notice that the world is neglecting their personal responsibilities. It’s all right to have fun but it’s also great to be responsible at the same time. Here are ways that you can have as much fun as you want while still being responsible.

1. Keep Your Balance Together

Most people think they will completely lose their balance and never walk again when you’re drunk. You can still walk, but it’s going to take twice the energy you use for a normal walk. Concentrate in your mind on the place that you wish to go. Take it step by step and don’t rush your walks.

Drinking causes you to lose half your balance and you have to use the parts of your body that can still function while intoxicated. If it’s still a problem make sure you have one or two friends to help you along the way.

2. Call A Taxi Or A Friend

There is no way in a person’s life that they will hang out in a club all night. It’s time to leave the club and call it a night. Make sure you call a taxi or a friend to take you home. You know in your heart that you are not allowed to drive while intoxicated.

When you call a cab you can lay on the backseat while the driver is taking you to your destination. If you have a friend that is taking you home make sure it is a sober friend taking you home. There is no double standard. Be responsible.

3. Coffee And A Hangover

Most people say that they didn’t expect this to happen to them. That’s nothing but crap coming out of their mouths. When you started drinking multiple shots of alcohol you knew you was going to get a hangover the very next day. Just expect yourself to be dealing with a recovery episode. No matter how small of how big you are going to get a hangover.

Get out of bed, brew some coffee, and lay down on the couch for a while. Let your mind and body do damage control while you reminisce about last night. That is if you remember anything.

Drinking is fun. It’s great for the night. It’s what you do afterwards that makes you responsible. Drink, but take care of yourself at the end of the night.

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