Fast, Fun Times Of Alcohol: How To Treat A Hangover
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Fast, Fun Times Of Alcohol: How To Treat A Hangover

A look at definitive ways to treat a hangover the morning after the night before.

Throughout the ages, people have consumed alcohol to various degrees. Some people use it as a means to relax. Some use it once in a while to accompany their meals. Some may even get addicted to it, and the highs felt with alcohol.

Either way, excessive consumption of alcohol leads to a hangover the morning after. “Symptoms” of a hangover include headaches, nausea, lethargy, dysphoria, thirst, amongst many others.

OK, some see a hangover as a sign of a good night before the morning after. But a hangover could ruin the rest of the day. Below are some tips as to resolve such a dilemma.

Water/Fruit Juice Consumption

o Sounds simple enough as hangover advice. Yet, so many people don’t partake in it the morning after. Alcohol dehydrates the body, with each unit taking more effect than the last. To which, is the major factor that creates said hangover. Not surprising, seeing that about 70% of the human body is water, or at least water-based.

o Dehydration to the body may make your organs, or your “insides”, feel in pain. This is related to water being “flushed” through quicker with alcohol consumption. Mixed with the fact that alcohol can be viewed as a toxin, no wonder your innards screaming out the morning after, so to speak.

o Also, the dehydration causes the brain to physically shrink in size. The shrink is only a matter of millimetres. The change is only temporary, at least until you fully sober up. Yet, the idea of your brain shrinking is a daunting thought.

o Vitamins are also drained from your body through excessive alcohol consumption. Therefore, drinking fruit juice the morning after is a wise thing. If only for the replenishment of those precious vitamins.


o These are seen to be only taken if you truly have the hangover from hell. If your head’s thumping out an earthquake, and your stomach is thundering all over the place, then a painkiller will do you wonders.

? A soluble painkiller will work the best for your temporary ailment. Soluble painkillers are really good for headaches, and are also gentle on the stomach.

Avoid Caffeine

o Sure, caffeine is good for many an early morning, when you’re in need of a lift. But, whether it’s tea, coffee or an energy drink, caffeine should be avoided when you’re hungover. Going back to dehydration, caffeine worsens it. Though the caffeine gives that temporary “lift” needed to get you through the day. But it’ll further the dehydration, thus prolonging the hangover.

Eat Something

o In this case, something is definitely better than nothing. A bacon sandwich usually works wonders all the time. More so when a hangover is dragging you down. In fact, many say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Even if you don’t agree with this normally, you will the morning after.

? Bananas and kiwis are fantastic the morning after. Both are high in potassium, which is lost through the diuretic tendencies brought on by alcohol.

Gentle Stroll

o Going for a gentle stroll can boost your body and state of mind. Of course, providing that you can even roll out of bed at this point. The mixture of fresh air to the lungs and sunlight to your skin adds to feeling “alive” again.

Avoid Hair Of The Dog

o “Hair of the dog” is claimed by many to be a good hangover cure. It is anything but that. For this just delays the effects of a hangover for later in the day, or even tomorrow. Not only that, Hair of the Dog is seen as one of the first signs of alcohol dependence. To which, will lead to alcoholism. As much as alcohol is used for a social stimulant, alcoholism is never seen as positive trait.

Drinking can make any night fun. Seeing that it is used as a social lubricant, no wonder the alcohol industry is so big. Yet, hangovers can hold a burden over the way you live, and the way you work.

Therefore, these tips can be used to quicken the finish off hangovers. Also, please note the Hair of the Dog advice. I, for one, wouldn’t want to see anyone fall into the trap of alcoholism, or any other addiction.

Safe drinks and safe times, my friends.

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Great information for treatment of a hangover.I am out of votes,sorry. I will promote this well composed article.

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This an informative article. Wish I knew these good tips back in my college days when hangovers where a constant affair....LOL. However, as much as a good night out is wonderful, especially with friends, there comes a time in a man's life when such nights becomes bed time stories...then you could say you have actually "grown". Thanks for the share.

Very useful information. voted