Easy Hangover Cures
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Easy Hangover Cures

Some ways to keep that hangover from keeping you down the next day.

You went out the night before,  now the next morning you wake up feeling like you have been run over by a truck. A hangover is caused by dehydration. Alcohol is a diuretic which means it causes your body to excrete even more moisture than you're putting into it.

Of course the only way to avoid a hangover is to not drink, BUT for some of us we do not listen so here are some ways to ease the hangover you are expecting the next day.

  • Drink water. As noted above, alcohol drains your body of moisture, so while you are enjoying your drinks make sure to drink lots of water in between, yes you may go to the restroom more, but it is better than waking up with that awful feeling the next day.
  • Try to remember take preventative measures before you even start drinking.
  • Eat something. Alcohol is mostly ingested through the small intestine, the next stop after the stomach, so if there is food in your stomach, it will take longer for the alcohol to get to your small intestine, and thus longer for you to get drunk. 
  • Take same Prickly pear extract it will decrease the nasty effects of congeners, if you do try this method make sure  you take it several hours before you start drinking for it to take affect.
  • Take 50 milligrams of Vitamin B6, put another 50 milligrams in your pocket, and leave 50 milligrams next to a glass of water to take when you get home.
  • Drink some olive oil before you start drinking, this is an old Mediterranean remedy and it works on the same theory as eating fatty foods.
  • Coconut water is filled with electrolytes, it is high potassium and mineral content.  Just one cup-full of coconut water contains more electrolytes than most sports drinks and more potassium than a banana. 
  • Try and get out and try and get some fresh air, Getting the fresh air, this makes you feel better by increasing the oxygen in your body, Oxygen increases the rate at which toxins from alcohol are broken down in the body.
  • Stick with one type of drink. Sticking with one type of alcohol ensures that you're not mixing up the various additives, and other elements in types of alcohol, which can all increase the chances of forming a bad hangover in the morning.

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