Alcoholism Causes and Symptoms: Home Remedies and Supplements to Treat Alcoholism and Withdrawal Symptoms
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Alcoholism Causes and Symptoms: Home Remedies and Supplements to Treat Alcoholism and Withdrawal Symptoms

Alcoholism is a chronic disorder and affects and affects one in eighteen Americans. Simple home remedies and herbs have been found to help heavy drinkers overcome their craving for alcohol and also help them cope with the withdrawal symptoms of Alcoholism

As per the National Institute of Alcohol abuse and Alcoholism approximately 5.5% of the adult population in United States or approximately 15 million adult individuals are affected by the disorder. As per the National Women’s Health Information Centre, alcoholism affects approximately 4.6 million women in the United States alone.

What is Alcoholism? Alcoholism Causes

Alcoholism refers to an intense psychological and physical dependence on alcohol, which is considered to be a chronic disorder. Though alcohol in moderation has been proven to protect the heart, excessive consumption of alcohol is associated with damage to the liver, intestine, brain and other organs.

Alcoholism is associated with socialization, as consumption of alcohol makes some people relaxed and talkative. Though the exact reasons of why people become alcoholics are not known, studies have indicated a strong familial disposition to alcoholism. Psychosocial factors including stress and lifestyle are believed to play a strong role as an alcoholism cause.

Chronic Alcoholism Symptoms

Symptoms of alcoholism include the following,

  • Constantly seeking opportunity to drink with complete inability to cut down on the consumption levels
  • Reacting strongly to criticism of drinking and constant denial of the problem
  • Depression, anxiety and apprehension associated with constant loathing about life
  • Experiencing withdrawal symptoms like tremors and seizures if drinking is stopped

Home Remedies to treat alcoholism and withdrawal symptoms

Certain herbs have been found to play a crucial role in aiding the process of weaning of chronic alcoholics and also limiting the intensity of the withdrawal symptoms associated with the condition.

  • 200 micrograms of chromium each day is considered beneficial in the management of alcoholism. Chromium prevents craving for alcohol caused due to hypoglycemia.
  • Evening Primrose Oil is abundant in gamma-linolenic acid, a fatty acid which stimulates the production of prostaglandin E, which prevents withdrawal symptoms like depression and seizures
  • Studies have shown that the herb ‘milk thistle’ is effective in management of liver cirrhosis which is a dangerous and end stage complication associated with alcoholism
  • Kudzu vine extracts, used by Chinese herbalists helps in reducing craving for alcohol. In recent study conducted in the University of North Carolina, the herb was found to cut down the craving for alcohol by 25% among monkeys.
  • Herbs Kava and valerian act as natural sedatives and help easy withdrawal

Supplements for management of withdrawal symptoms among alcoholics

Some of the most essential supplements for recovery from alcoholism include the following,

  • Most alcoholics are deficient in vitamin B complex, Vitamin C and amino acids, due to improper diet and toxic effects of alcoholism.
  • Vitamin C strengthens the body’s immune system and supports the body in clearing alcohol form the various tissues and ameliorating the mild withdrawal symptoms
  • Vitamin B complex is essential to strengthen the fragile nerves that have been damaged due to prolonged abuse of alcohol
  • Amino acids are building blocks of the body and essential to rebuilt damaged tissue in the body due to abuse of alcoholism

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Comments (4)

Tough topic for sure. A study years ago showed that there could be genetics involved supporting the theory of predisposition to this disease. Old book, hard to read for those growing up with alcoholism called "Adult Children of Alcoholics." Alcoholism affects not only the alcoholic but all of those around them. Unfortunately, there is no treatment, when one does not accept that they have a problem which is affecting every aspect of their life. It is hard for family members and others to understand how they are enablers also. Often, we have to turn our backs on the addict, and walk away.

Some people drink themselves right into an early grave. One guy I knew, his cirrhosis of the liver was so bad that he looked like a pregnant woman just about to give birth. Of course he kept drinking right to the end. I'm not sure I buy the two drinks a day (one for women) ritual for heart protection. I don't care if people drink, but there are other ways to achieve that cardiovascular goal. I'd be careful with the Kava – especially for alcoholics – as it has been linked to liver damage.

I agree. Kava is actually a subsitute for alcohol. Kava should be used only to overcome the withdrawal symptoms of alcohol abuse. Any excess is unhealthy and is associated with liver damage.

Some great natural methods for helping cravings there... a very impressive article.